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Archery Beginners Courses


Due to the popularity of our Archery beginners courses we are currently reviewing the course calendar and the number of places available on each course.

If you would like to register your interest in one of our archery courses in the future, please complete our beginners course enquiry form and we will get in touch once we have finalised plans.
Please make sure you supply your name(s), age(s), postal address, email address and preferably a telephone number which we can use to contact you.

Alternatively, please take a look at the Durham and Northumbland Archery Association Club List or our Local Club List as other clubs in the region may have beginners courses available earlier.

During the outdoor season we start at 10am each Sunday, breaking at around 1pm for the afternoon round starting at 1:30pm, please feel free to drop by for a chat and meet our friendly coaching staff although we would appreciate it if you let us know beforehand by using the Contact Us form.

Experienced Archers

Experienced Archer Information & Membership

To join Riverside Archery Club you first need to have completed an accredited GNAS (Archery GB) beginners course.
This may have been at any club in the UK and will indicate you have at least a basic standard of competency and an understanding of the shooting and safety procedures.

If you are an experienced archer and have or used to have GNAS (Archery GB) membership or you are a newly qualified beginner looking for a small friendly club to join, then please get in touch and we will be happy to review your application.

Applicants who are 18 years or over will be eligible to be considered for admittance as a Senior Member, those under the age of 18 years will be eligible to be considered for admittance as a Junior Member.
We normally suggest you shoot with us for around 6 weeks so we can assess your skill level and identify any extra training required plus we get to know each other better.
Acceptance as a member of Riverside Archery club will be at the discretion of the senior coach and/or committee and for Junior Members it is also subject to an undertaking of acceptable and safe behavior by the Parent/Guardian.

Visiting Archers

Any visiting archer must be a current member of Archery GB, must provide proof of this, and may only shoot with the permission of the field captain of the day. If you want to visit us then preferably let us know beforehand, simply so we know to expect you.

Associate Members

We do accept associated members (with approval from the Club Committee) - associate members must be fully paid up members of their own club and Archery GB and will pay an annual Riverside Archery club subscription fee. If you are interested in becoming a Riverside Archery Associate Member then simply get in touch.

All Club members are required at all times to act responsibly and safely.

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