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Here's a couple of unusual archer shots, it takes years of practice to master these!..

The arrow in the top of the fence post is Ian Norwood's who was shooting the clout at Kirknewton and manged to land one on the post.
The rest of the field were shooting at a 15 meter diameter circle and Ian reckoned that was just too easy so tried something more difficult instead.
We won't mention the fact the fencepost was approx 40 meters wide of the target!

The arrow laying horizontal, is Ann Conifey's who was at the County longbow competition and the conditions were at best moderate.
Ann was having trouble just getting her arrows to stick in the boss but the ones that did stick in were being snapped off at the point, she lost six arrows this way.
Ann changed to some different arrows for the shortest distance, her first arrow rebounded off the target and was caught by two other arrows already in the target.
The judge awarded a 5 as that's were it appeared to have fallen from, however we say it should have been a 33 as the arrow covered all of the scoring zones!

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